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IoT Voice Solutions


IoT Voice App Development

One of the many ways in which technology has evolved is the introduction and expansion of voice command & smart audio enabled devices. With the immense popularity of products such as the Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo, Google Nest, and others that utilize Google Assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana, now is the perfect time to give voice to your ideas and better connect with your customer or client base. At Fuzon, we specialize in the design and development of smart voice enabled apps that successfully tap into the expanding demand for effective voice-driven product & service interaction. Our skilled team offers a variety of quality voice tech solutions for companies in California and across the United States, including Alexa Skill Development, Alexa App Development, Alexa Voice Service, AWS/Azure integration for Amazon Echo, the Smart Home Skill API, and Building & Hosting Skill in the Cloud. When it comes to voice app solutions, the first thing our team does when starting a project is ensuring that we have a complete understanding of who the client is, what the client’s goals are for the app, and what the user base is. As we’re committed to client satisfaction, we want to make certain that the voice app we design and develop is fully in line with what is needed and expected. Collaboration is critical to our efforts, and we enjoy working with clients throughout the process as we bring ideas to fruition.

IoT Voice Command Development

Once we know the full scope of the work involved, we’re able to put together a comprehensive development plan that enables us to produce an exceptional final product. Our voice app developers draw on substantial design skill and creativity, along with in-depth knowledge of associated coding and platform technologies, to get everything up and running as efficiently as possible. We remain in close contact with clients as the design and development process proceeds, getting their feedback at all critical junctures and implementing any desired modifications. With the inherent possibility of human-and-device miscommunication stemming from accents and other nuances in language, the Fuzon team conducts extensive app testing to help ensure that every aspect of the app functions as expected and desired. Clients rely on us to deliver quality smart voice apps, and we take that responsibility with the utmost seriousness. With voice assistants and other conversation-based technologies becoming well ingrained in society, there is tremendous opportunity to connect with customers in new, highly-fruitful ways. While voice command apps can be complex to design and develop due to the potentially large scope of their required functions, Fuzon is extremely well-equipped to get the job done properly and in an efficient manner. Don’t miss out on potential business or allow competitors to gain an advantage by failing to take part in the continuing voice app revolution. If you have a voice app in mind, please call our team at (818) 665-2097, or fill out our online contact form.