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IoT Cloud Development

As IoT involves the submission and reception of request & command communication data via the internet and associated systems, the widespread growth of IoT across the United States and internationally has meant a corresponding increase in the quantity, and at times intricacy, of the data itself. The intense data demands of IoT devices and platforms brings with it some logistical hurdles. Specifically, the data needs to be easily accessible, properly stored and protected against any attempted breaches. This is where cloud computing comes in.

At Fuzon, we offer effective IoT cloud services to connect clients with ideal cloud-based infrastructure (including options such as Microsoft Azure, Azure IoT Edge and Amazon Web Services) to meet their particular needs.

IoT Cloud Platforms Offer Many Benefits

A primary benefit of using cloud computing for IoT is improved performance. As mentioned above, IoT devices generate a substantial amount of data that in turn necessitate top-level systems performance to keep the information moving back and forth efficiently and without error. Cloud infrastructure does a great job of facilitating the transfer of data across the internet, whether small or large.

Besides performance advantages, cloud services for IoT also work well when it comes to the ability to scale. Most, if not all, of the IoT data is hosted in the cloud on dedicated high-quality servers. Cloud computing provides storage flexibility, which is of vital importance as increased data requires expanded storage space. As the amount of data scales up, so too can the cloud storage where it’s maintained.

IoT Cloud Developers

As cybertechnology has advanced, so too has the ability of savvy hackers to cause massive disruptions and put sensitive data in jeopardy. Thankfully, many cloud-based IoT solutions offer invaluable safeguards to keep data as secure as possible. Cloud computing decreases the number of digital attack surfaces/points of vulnerability through which someone can perpetuate a security breach. Additionally, cloud platforms can help bolster the authentication process and lead to more stringent data security overall. IoT cloud services can also help businesses keep their costs down over time. This is mainly because cloud computing is available using a pay-as-you-go pricing structure. As such, rather than having to spend substantial amounts of money up front on data allocations and storage that won’t be used, companies can instead increase their expenditures when the demand calls for it. With our substantial industry experience, we know how incredibly valuable cloud computing can be for IoT. As there are so many benefits to using a cloud platform for data transmission, storage, and security, we believe that it’s definitely a worthwhile option to at least consider. Give us a call at (818) 665-2097 to speak with a team member about your specific requirements and discuss whether cloud computing is an ideal solution.