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IoT Big Data Analytics

Depending on what it contains and how it’s ultimately used, accrued data can prove extremely powerful for businesses and other information-driven entities. This is particularly true for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, a majority of which amass substantial amounts of data over time. If properly evaluated, this big data can help companies successfully evolve and grow. As IoT specialists, our team incorporates effective AI/ML models that facilitate data analysis of big data. These IoT big data analytics have demonstrated to be highly beneficial for decision making processes including prediction-based maintenance. Thanks in part to advances in IoT, big data is being collected & made available quicker, in larger amounts, and in more unique forms than ever before. Those companies that are able to dive deep into the collected data stand to gain a lot from what it can reveal. This data can be used to improve on efficiencies, thereby helping to keep costs to a minimum while decreasing the amount of time wasted in various parts of the operation. The analyzed big data provides concrete evidence of what is and is not working well, allowing for informed policy changes. Post-change data can then be further analyzed to determine if policy modifications had the intended impacts.

Using AI/ML Models for IoT Big Data Analysis

With big data from IoT devices in steady supply, the question becomes what means of analyzing it are most productive. At Fuzon, we use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models for this very purpose. The artificial intelligence model allows machines to imitate the behavior of human beings. As its name suggests, the machine learning model allows machines to adapt and become better with experience. When it comes to big data derived from IoT devices, AI/ML algorithms are adept at taking even highly complex data sets and distilling them down to find particular patterns and other useful aspects. All of this is in service to bolstering decision making and benefiting the business in the short, medium and long term. Fuzon is here to help you get the most benefit out of IoT-generated big data. Extensive experience has reinforced the validity of AI/ML models in getting companies the highest value information in the midst of all excess data noise. To learn more about our IoT big data analytics services, please reach out to us via online form or by phone at (818) 665-2097.