Fuzon by TechAhead - An Award Winning Los Angeles Based Mobile App Development Company

We are the drivers of technological
innovation that helps businesses deploy
and deliver IoT solutions


Prototype to launch
Connect Things. Create Insights. Optimize actions

At Fuzon, we help clients stay on top of the curve by fusing together our technological expertise and domain knowledge in IoT to help you succeed.

Whether you are at the proof of concept stage or scaling for production, we can help you with strategy, system design, development and integration to derive business results and value.

  • Strategy Consulting

  • System Designing

  • Mobile Development

  • System Integration

  • Insights (AI/ML)

Scared of so many protocols, standards,
products – we have the expertise and experience.
We promise to take all your worries.

Ask for free consulting to scale your business
with our proprietary FuzonNext platform.

  • Volatiles

    Unique, touch sensitive LED modules. Sitting behind a sophisticated glass mosaic

  • Heatmiser

    Smart Thermostat offering underfloor heating control, radiator & hot water solutions.

  • Auluxa

    Automation and control systems for homes, offices, hotels, luxury transport etc.