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We strategize, design, develop
IoT solutions to bring the power of
the connected world


Build Smart,
Get Connected,
Stay Ahead

Fuzon supports companies unlock the
full potential of IoT by connecting EVERYTHING.
From voice-enabled speakers to doorbell cameras
to connected cities – we provide end to end
consulting, product design, and IoT
software development.

Launch new innovative IoT products,
improve existing IoT solutions and drive
business GROWTH.

From connecting retail
to monitoring patients,
We make IoT easy.

The future of industries will be driven by Cloud, IoT Automation
& Analytics. For business managers, the biggest question
surrounding the Internet of Things is what to do with it?

We at Fuzon understand what is required for your
business today, how the solutions should be designed &
implemented and more importantly, what’s the next
big thing your business needs to focus at.

Get a competitive edge

Reimagine the future of your business with
the power of the connected world.


IoT Solutions

Among the most exciting and promising technological developments in recent years is the Internet of Things (IoT). In a general sense, IoT refers to devices such as smart lighting systems, virtual assistants, temperature controls, and more that can transmit and receive data through the internet. As IoT devices work to improve consumers’ lives and help businesses in a variety of industries refine their practices and reach their goals, IoT is only going to expand further over time. With a highly-skilled design & development team and extensive experience, Fuzon has quickly become a top provider of effective IoT solutions for clients in California and throughout the United States.

Our customized solutions consist of a robust selection of IoT services carefully designed to meet the needs of all clients, no matter the particular business vertical or scope of project. Specifically, these IoT solutions include consulting services, UI/UX design & development, voice app development, mobile app development, cloud services and big data analytics. All of these services are geared towards providing the connectivity and data-driven insight that companies require and have come to expect. The Fuzon team has the tools and commitment to succeed, as well as a firm understanding of IoT-related hardware, web services, development protocols & standards, connectivity methods and data analytics.

A Leader Among IoT Companies

Fuzon is able to deliver top-quality services through the fusion of in-depth IoT knowledge and design & development experience. We are truly dedicated to helping clients achieve their IoT goals, and have a proven track record of success. From strategic assessments through system design, prototyping, testing, and launch, our transparent processes deliver quality results. Consistent communication and close collaboration are integral parts of our operation as an Internet of Things company, and we always put in the time and effort to ensure that we have a comprehensive understanding of the client, their project goals and requirements. We pride ourselves on providing a pleasant & stress-free client experience. To learn more about how we can help with your project, please contact us online or call (818) 665-2097.